West Seattle Restaurant

2023 (permitting)
Seattle, WA
1,000 sf outdoor venue + interior remodel
A former neighborhood brewery is given new life as a family-friendly casual restaurant with a new 1,000 SF iconic outdoor dining terrace.

The existing building initially served as a brewery with a small on-site bar, which worked well, but didn't align with the new owner's vision. Our clients entrusted us with the task of repurposing the brewery area into a full kitchen, serving both the on-site restaurant and as a commissary for their other regional restaurants.

Inside, the bar area now offers a mix of 21+ and family-friendly dining experiences. We also introduced a new 1,000 sq ft timber sawtooth roof structure at the exterior of the building to meet the community’s demand for additional outdoor seating and flexible event space.

The sawtooth roof design, featuring transparent polycarbonate panels on the upper vertical faces, allows for optimal daylight penetration into the structure while providing shade through the opaque roof panels.