MCM Remodel

2021-2023 (in construction)
Puget Sound, WA
3,000 sf remodel

A functional remodel to a 1950’s post and beam residence with sweeping views of the Olympic Peninsula.

Our clients, who relocated from Los Angeles to embrace the tranquility of the Seattle area's natural beauty, uncovered the perfect haven. The original residence, untouched since its initial construction, required adjustments to align with the lifestyle of its new occupants.

We reenvisioned the main level, expanding it to accommodate a spacious and contemporary primary suite, integrating a cozy reading/listening den, and modernizing the kitchen and living room with updated casework, finishes, and lighting, creating a functional space for gatherings.

The previously raw concrete and glass walk-out basement underwent a significant transformation, almost doubling the residence's square footage. This expansion facilitated the addition of guest bedrooms, extra bathrooms, an office complete with a kitchenette, and a home film/audio production studio.