Fremont Restaurant

2022-2023 (in construction)
Seattle, WA
1,900 SF restaurant in new commercial building
Designed as a new haven for a renowned local restaurateur, our mission was to create a versatile and welcoming space capable of accommodating a range of activities, from everyday dining to exclusive private events

Upon arrival, guests are immediately drawn into an immersive experience as they gaze directly into the open kitchen. Here, the chef maintains an unobstructed line of sight to every table, a client-driven imperative ensuring prompt service for each diner. We've seamlessly integrated a formal chef's counter and a secluded private dining area amidst the open seating and bar, offering a rich tapestry of dining options.
Intentionally understated, the space's design is purposefully minimalist to keep the focus squarely on the culinary delights. Towering white oak screen walls serve to break down the expansiveness of the dining area, while an array of pendant light fixtures delineate discreet "zones" within.

Each end of the dining room is anchored by low wood slat ceilings, gracing the bar, banquettes, and the chef's counter. These elements infuse the space with a comforting warmth, strikingly juxtaposed by vibrant accents of deep blue in the form of wallpaper, tiles, paint, and upholstery. These bold strokes define and enliven each unique area within the restaurant.