Film Studio

Santa Monica , CA
10,000 SF Tentant Improvement
Creating a new office for a Los Angeles-based A/V editing company, this project transformed 10,000 square feet of a rundown mechanic's shop into a modern, built-to-suit studio. The studio includes offices, meeting rooms, editing bays, color-correction suites, team rooms, and break areas to address the firm's growth. The clients appreciated the grungy aesthetic of the existing building and aimed to preserve as much of its raw look as possible.

The design intentionally lowered the ceilings of all interior rooms from the roof of the building. This allowed for the introduction of a geometric wood pattern on the ceiling and strategically placed skylights that added visual warmth to the raw concrete and cinder block shell. Large rice paper pendant shades are scattered throughout the office, providing a warm glow to the interior. Additionally, textured area rugs and brightly upholstered vintage furniture were added to bring some visual energy to the office.

Completed with Bruce Bolander Architects