98125 DADU

2023 (permitting)
Seattle, WA

800 sf renovation + addition

Perched on a northern Seattle hill within a residential neighborhood, this 800-square-foot DADU originally served as a small workshop. Our client's objective was to transform it into a standalone residence for an extended family member. Our approach prioritized preserving the original structure while seamlessly integrating the new building into its environment. This resulted in a design that not only provides privacy but also fulfills their functional requirements.

The exterior of the tiny house showcases a sleek, minimalist facade featuring clean lines and a harmonious blend of natural materials. Earthy tones pay homage to the Pacific Northwest landscape.

Inside, every inch of space is thoughtfully optimized to create an open, inviting living area. Large windows bathe the interior in natural light, creating an unexpectedly spacious plan. The layout comprises a cozy living space, a modern kitchen, and a comfortable sleeping area on the lower level.

The highlight of this tiny house is its second-level covered deck, offering spectacular views of the surrounding tree tops. This elevated outdoor oasis provides the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature.